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Applying for job openings in Australia can sometimes be a complicated process. We’ve developed a guide for you to steer you in the right direction.

The good news is that Australia is a multi-cultural society. One in four Australians was born outside of Australia. This means the pathways for international recruitment in Australia are well established.

While job hunting in Australia may feel new to you, take some comfort from the fact that Australia is a migrant nation and many people have made the same transition for both short term jobs and long term residency and onto citizenship.

The chances of you landing that job in Australia depend on a number of factors, including:

  • what skills you have, and
  • the demand for those skills in Australia.

The benefits of working in Australia are that you will experience great working environments and employment conditions in the workplace. Your Australian working experiences can very well be a career highlight.

The language skills and relationships that you may bring into your roles can help provide you with an advantage in securing employment. Added to that, Australia has a shortage of people for some professions and skills.

Many jobs in Australia require formal qualifications and also registration with relevant industry and professional bodies. Your international qualifications may be recognised, partially recognised or may not be recognised.

You will need to check with the relevant professional association for most positions – even very basic jobs. Just because your qualification is not recognised does not mean that you cannot find work in that field.

For example, if you are an accountant, you may be unable to immediately commence work as an accountant in Australia. However an accounts payable/receivable officer or book-keeper role may be available as initial roles while you progress your professional standing and undertake Australian bridging courses.

It is possible that your qualifications are not recognised in Australia. The professional association will advise what bridging courses and other requirements are necessary to work in your chosen field. Many people have been successful in the past by taking their experience in a new direction.

Some English language ability in both spoken and written will be required for almost any job you are looking for in Australia.

If English isn’t your first language then it is a great asset to have a formal statement of your English language ability. For many jobs, a basic understanding of English is a satisfactory starting point – but you will need to prove some ability for most employers. Once you are immersed in the English language on a daily basis in Australia, your proficiency will develop.

Jobs In Demand in Australia

If the job you seek requires advanced English then there are many bridging courses and language colleges that can help you develop your skills and provide certification of achievement. Language colleges are often great places to network and secure new work opportunities.  Job Vacancies in Australia


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  1. I’m harry L. Gallogo,,enterested apply
    Heavy driver
    5years experience in Riyadh Saudi Arabia,have licence Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  2. I’m mitieli Vakamulowaca. I’m interested in a Loader Operator. 5 years experience working at the fiji sugar corporation.

  3. Am interested in teaching primary schools.Teacher by profession.Especially in numeracy and literacy for lower primary.

  4. My name is naomi acquah and I work at community health nurse and she was further as. Midwifery with diploma and I want to apply for Canadian permanent residence visa because I want to work rest of my wife

  5. Bonsoir a toute et a tous encore une fois je le nomme TAKAM KENNE BLONDOL je suis camerounaise d’origine résident au Cameroun, je suis titulaire d’une licence professionnelle en ingénierie miniere et traitement des minerais désirent aller travailler à l’étranger dans le domaine ou autre domaine je m’adapte aussi facilement

  6. I am wisdom Okpabi,I am a Nigerian and presently in Liberia and I am interested in working as a sales assistant and a salesman


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